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Province of Abra - Provincial Ordinance No. 231 s. 2015
An ordinance to enhance the implementation of the Expanded Newborn Screening Program in the Province of Abra, provide appropriations therefor and for other purposes

City of Mandaluyong - City Ordinance No. 538 s. 2014
An ordinance enacting the Mandaluyong City Code of Parental Responsibility for the Protection of Children's Rights

Luba, Abra - Municipal Ordinance No. 14-01 s. 2014
An ordinance (of the Municipality of Luba, Abra) adopting Republic Act 9288 otherwise known as the "Newborn Screening Act of 2004"

Penarrubia, Abra - Municipal Ordinance No. 02
Adopting Municipal Rules and Regulations Implementing RA 9288 otherwise known as the "Newborn Screening Act of 2004" in the Municipality of Peñarrubia, Abra

Agusan del Norte - Provincial Ordinance No. 307-2012
An ordinance institutionalizing the Newborn Screening in the Province of Agusan del Norte and for other Purposes

Sanchez Mira, Cagayan - Ordinance No. 07 s. 2011

An ordinance adopting Republic Act 9288 otherwise known as the Newborn Screening Act of 2004

Quezon City - Resolution No. SP 5326 s. 2011

A resolution urging all the Barangays in Quezon City, through the City Health Department, to support and conduct a massive campaign regarding the importance of the use of newborn screening among newly born babies

Lipa City - General Ordinance No. 11
Ordinance promulgating a comprehensive policy for ensuring mandatory newborn screening in the city of Lipa and appropriating funds thereof

Cardona, Rizal - SB Resolution No. 2011-087
A resolution strongly supporting Republic Act 9288 otherwise known as the Newborn Screening Act of 2004

Muntinlupa City - Ordinance No. 09-080

An ordinance mandating the city wide implementation of Newborn Screening Program in the different barangays in the City of Muntinlupa, appropriating funds and the creation of the local newborn screening committee

Oton, Iloilo - Ordinance No. 2009-08
An ordinance prescribing the cost for the Newborn Screening and allowable service fee for the collection of newborn screening samples in the Oton Municipal Health Office

Orion, Bataan - Municipal Ordinance No. 09-020-062
Enacting the Children's Code of the Municipality of Orion, Bataan

Aklan - General Ordinance No. 2009-006
An ordinance enacting the Aklan Children's Code

Brgy. Lamao, Limay, Bataan - Resolution No. 11 Series of 2009
Resolution adapting Republic Act 9288

Paranaque City - Ordinance No. 060 Series of 2008
An Ordinance Regulating Birthing Homes Situated within the City of Parañaque to be known as the "Paranaque City Birthing Homes Regulation Act of 2008"

Las Pinas City - City Resolution No. 2174-07 Series of 2007
A resolution adapting NCNBSS in the City of Las Piñas and supporting the participation of the Las Piñas City Lying-In Center and the City Health Office in the said health program

Cabatuan, Iloilo - Municipal Ordinance No. 2007-007
An ordinance establishing a newborn screening facility in the rural health unit of the municipality of Cabatuan, Iloilo and authorizing the newborn screening facility of the municipality to charge a newborn screening fee of five hundred fifty pesos (P550.00)

Negros Occidental - Resolution No. 0348 Series of 2004
Resolution Informing all Local Government Units and Private and Public Hospitals of the Enactment of Republic Act No. 9288, otherwise known as "An Act Promulgating a Comprehensive Policy and a National System for Ensuring Newborn Screening"

Regional Development Council, Western Visayas Region - RDC VI Resolution No. 66 Series of 2002
Resolution Enjoining All Private and Government Hospitals, Rural Health Units and Lying-ins of Region VI to Adop the Implementation of Newborn Screening Project and to Conduct Information Dissemination on the Project, particularly, at the Barangay Level

Bago City, Negros Occidental - Resolution No. 02-103 Series of 2002
Supporting the Participation of the City Hospital and the City Health Office of the City of Bago in the Newborn Screening Program of the National Institutes of Health

Tanjay City, Negros Oriental - Resolution No. 310