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Regional Administrative Order 2023-0003: Establishment and Strengthening of the Referral of Patients with Confirmed IEM and Rare Disorders to the Newborn Screening Continuity Clinic and Satellite Continuity Clinics in the Bicol Region

Revised Guidelines on the Implementation of the Expanded Newborn Screening Program

Amendment to Administrative Order No. 2014-0045: Guidelines on the Implementation of the Expanded Newborn Screening Program

Replacement of Newborn Screening Filter Paper Cards

National Policy and Strategic Framework on ENBS for 2017-2030

Guidelines on the Implementation of the Expanded Newborn Screening Program

Implementing Guidelines on the Setting-up of Newborn Screening Continuity Clinics

Authorization of Newborn Screening Centers as Distributors of Newborn Screening Kits

Designation of NSRC to oversee the QA Program for G6PD

Opening of five (5) additional G6PD Confirmatory Centers

Inclusion of the Maple Syrup Urine Disease (MSUD) in the Newborn Screening Panel of Disorders

Guidelines on the Newborn Screening DOH CHD and ARMM 4% Fund Utilization

Opening of Nine (9) Additional G6PD Confirmatory Centers

Amendment to the AO No. 2008-2006

Addendum to the Rules and Regulations Implementing Republic Act No 9288

Newborn Screening Coverage

Dried Blood Spots Guidelines

Collection and Handling Procedure for G6PD Deficiency Confirmatory Test

Newborn Screening Grant for Pediatric Endocrinologists and Clinical Geneticists

Philhealth Newborn Care Package - NBS Test

Hiring of Full-time Staff Coordinators for the NBS Program

G6PD Confirmatory Laboratories

Reiterating the Provision of NBS Services as a Mandatory Licensing Requirement for all Hospitals

Ensuring That All Newborns Shall Have Access to Newborn Screening

Cost of Newborn Screening and Maximum Allowable Service Fees

Establishment and Accreditation of Newborn Screening Centers

Republic Act 9288 (Newborn Screening Act of 2004)

Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of RA 9288

Presidential Proclamation No. 540 (National Newborn Screening Awareness Week)

Strengthening Implementation of the National Newborn Screening System

Policies on the Nationwide Implementation of Newborn Screening

Creation of NTWG on NBS Prog

Merging of the NTWG on NBS and the NTWG on the Expanded NBS Program under Family Health Office

Amendment to DPO NO. 2014-1438