The Newborn Screening Center (NSC) Visayas clinched the award for best performance  during the Rambak Fellowship Night, the highlight event of the 2024 Newborn Screening Center Summit. The summit, held over three days (April 26-28, 2024), brought together various NSCs from across the country, each showcasing their region’s famous festivals in a vibrant display of culture and talent.


Held at the picturesque Fort Ilocandia Resort, the Rambak Fellowship Night featured performances that left the audience in awe. Each NSC was tasked with preparing a five-minute performance, complete with colorful costumes, festival dances, and intricate props. The evening was filled with excitement as participants demonstrated graceful dance movements that celebrated their regional heritage.


NSC Visayas stood out with a captivating performance that not only showcased their region’s rich cultural traditions but also highlighted the spirit of unity and festivity. Their choreography, detailed costumes, and enthusiastic presentation won the hearts of both the judges and the audience, securing their place as the evening’s best performance.


This year’s summit was particularly notable for its emphasis on cultural exchange and camaraderie among the different regions. The Rambak Fellowship Night served as a testament to the diverse yet united spirit of the Newborn Screening Centers, all dedicated to the common goal of improving newborn health across the Philippines.


The success of NSC Visayas at this year’s summit is expected to inspire other regions to continue fostering creativity and cultural pride in their future endeavors. The three-day event not only provided a platform for showcasing talent but also reinforced the importance of community and collaboration in the field of newborn screening.


As the 2024 Newborn Screening Center Summit comes to a close, participants and attendees alike carry forward memories of an unforgettable night, where tradition met modernity in a celebration of life and health.