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Meet the NSC-V Staff

In Iloilo City, the West Visayas State University Medical Center is home to the Newborn Screening Center – Visayas. In order to serve babies in the Visayas and Mindanao regions, it was formally inaugurated in 2006. It presently serves both the Western and Eastern Visayas. Dr. Karen June V. Ventilacion is in charge, while Dr. Ana Victoria Sombong is in charge of the laboratory. It is headed by Dr. Karen June V. Ventilacion with Dr. Ana Victoria Sombong as Laboratory Head.

Seated (from left to right)
  • Frederick B. Aguirre, SAO
  • Evangeline S. Digdigan, RMT II (Team Captain)
  • Vangilyn V. Parreño, RN  (Project Development Officer II)
  • Ma. Leah S. Borro, Nurse IV (Nurse Coordinator)
  • Karen June V. Ventilacion, MD, DPPS (Unit Head)
  • Anna Victoria J. Sombong, MD, FPSP (Laboratory Head)
  • Sheila S. Celeste, RMT IV (Laboratory Manager)
  • Yvette Marie G. Ganzon, RMT III (Team Captain)
  • Mary Jean S. Maturan, RMT II (Team Captain)
  • Gretchen B. Canja, CPA (Accountant II)
  • Oliver V. Regacho, Information Technology Officer I
Second Line (left to right)
  • Sarah Jean P. Balomadres, RN (Project Development Officer II)
  • Diana Joy G. Gube, Administrative Officer I (Supply and Procurement)
  • Faith G. Mallorca, RMT I
  • Helynn Mae J. Ledesma, RMT II
  • Ramy Rose D. Merallosa, RMT II
  • Mary Grace S. Peñasa, RMT II
  • Irish Dayle C. Patricio, Administrative Aide VI
  • Sheiryl G. Navarro, Administrative Officer I
  • Starlene Joy Plaga, RN (Genetics Nurse Counsellor
  • Patricia Bryn A. Llamado, Nurse II (Follow up Nurse)
  • Julie Rose C. Luz, Nurse I ( Follow up Nurse)
  • Charmaine P. Edombingo, RMT I
  • Mary Catherine C. Monterosa, Administrative Service Aide (Results Clerk)
  • Sarah Jane D. Libre, RMT I
  • Cristine Joy D. Buenavides, Data Encoder
  • Rishel N. Depra, Administrative Aide III (Procurement Clerk)
  • Joan O. Arsenal, Data Encoder (Collecting Clerk)
  • Virgilio S. Cordada, Administrative Service Aide (IT Support)
  • Carlo James D. Dureza, Administrative Officer VI (Data Encoder)
  • Carl Herbert C. Dalen, RMT I
Third Line (left to right)
  • Mercury A. Buendia, Data Encoder
  • Arwin Ray M. Decena, Administrative Assistant II (Senior Data Encoder)
  • Lee Mark P. Almonibar, Data Encoder (Supply Clerk)
  • Rodelino E. Manglar Jr., Laboratory Aide I
  • Mark D. Arreglado, Administrative Aide III
Contact NSC-V

For Regions 6 and 8

  • West Visayas State University Medical Center 2nd Floor, Medicus Healthcare Plaza, Pison Avenue, Mandurriao, Iloilo City
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Contact Number: (033) 329-3744